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About Intuitive Heart Studio

Hello Beauty!


My name is Allana. I am a professional Reiki Master, psychic medium, animal communicator and natural beauty expert. 

The healing services I offer are Reiki, intuitive readings, mediumship and animal communication sessions.


You would book a service with me if you:

  • desire deep rest, resolution of either emotional or physical pain - Reiki

  • seek clarity around an issue or question - Reiki / Intuitive Reading

  • want to know how to have a better connection with your animal companion or the wild animals and trees in your yard or anywhere outdoors - Animal & Nature communication session

  • need to connect to a passed loved one, including animals to gain some peace - Mediumship session

  • want a new look? You can make an in-person appointment with me for a salon service 


I love what I do and would be honored to assist you on your spiritual healing and beauty quest! 

Let's connect soon,

XO ~ Allana

*Please note that these services are available in-person or by Zoom. If you book a distance session via Zoom, you will receive a recording of your session. 

Click the "SCHEDULE NOW" button to explore my offerings and book your appointment. Thank you!



INSPIRING REIKI STORY~ In 2012, Allana's beloved, five year old Jack Russell Terrier, Penny, was diagnosed with an autominue issue and desperately needed a blood transfusion to save her life. This traumatic event sparked a fire in Allana to reignite the Reiki training she learned in 2008 to help save her dogs life.

Penny was a willing recipient of Reiki healing energy and recovered beautifully!

She turned sixteen on January 14, 2023 and is a happy, healthy awesome is that?

About Allana

Allana is a lover of animals, nature and kind, big hearted, compassionate humans!

She believes nature and animals are our greatest teachers and healers, so she shares stories that inspire conversation and evoke thoughts about the sacredness of the environment and our responsibility to be stewards of the earth and of each other.

Having served many clients for over 40 years as a salon and wellness professional, Allana has gained a deep understanding of basic human needs and what drives most of us to keep going, how we have the courage to keep hope alive when experiencing challenges in life. 


Allana believes and practices self inquiry, self love, awareness of self and others - including animals and nature. Cultivating hope and love in confidence and desiring to be of healthy body, mind and spirit to be her best self so she may serve others from this state of being!

Animal Medicine Wisdom: Coyote

Coyote is a Trickster and survival expert who teaches great lessons about ourselves and asks us to examine our shadow side and who we really are.

Adaptability, independance, loyalty, communication, resourcefulness, cleverness, humor, wit and tenacity are keywords for Coyote messages, as well as destructive, reckless, brash, vengeful, impulsive, insecure and unpredictable. 

Photo credit: "Coyote in the mist" - Carlos Carmona 2021 @ Bolsa Chica Wetlands & Ecological Reserve, Huntington Beach, Ca

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