About Intuitive Heart Studio


Hello Beauty!

My name is Allana and I'm here to serve you, animals and all of nature.

I see you. I see your true intentions and what's in your heart. I see your true nature, your shadow and the magic you create everyday.

I feel you and your strength, your perceived weaknesses and your ongoing human need of growth and change; even if it's as simple as getting your hair done, which is the fastest way to make change in your life.

I hear you and your desires of wanting and needing more from your life and I want you to know, It's ok to want what you want and to ask for it, because you're curious, courageous and brave, after all!


You want to be more connected to nature, to experience more clarity, focus and natural energy, less physical and emotional pain and lower levels of anxiety. You have hope that the suffering you, the human collective and all of nature are experiencing, can greatly shift.

~What could happen if you learn to heal yourself, were reconnected to your innate body, mind and soul wisdom and were able to move forward in your life with greater peace and confidence?

~What could happen if you opened up to the idea that you are a co-creator in your life and are alway creating your future in the now? What are you creating?

~Would you like to further explore these questions, elevate your spiritual life, create a deeper relationship with nature and animals that has the power to enhance your natural state of being?

I'd be honored to assist you on your courageous journey of self love, beauty, wellness and deep spiritual connection with all there is.

Please explore my offerings by clicking the "Book Now" button on this page to see how I may best serve you, your loves and the animals in your life.

Yours in beauty and love...Aho!

About Allana

Allana is a generational psychic medium, energy medicine practitioner, intuitive interspecies communicator and licensed cosmetologist, with a passion for sharing stories that inspire questions, spark the imagination and make you think differently about your environment and life. 

With over 41 years experience in the beauty industry and serving many clients over the years in multiple states, she has gained a deep understanding of basic human needs; what drives most of us, what brings us true happiness and inspires wellness and what gives us hope to keep going, especially when we want to quit. 

Allana's goal for her work is to help people tap into the natural world around them and into their own innate body, mind and soul wisdom so they can achieve peace, happiness, confidence, hope, and joy, to thrive in their lives!

INSPIRING REIKI STORYAllana started her professional healing career in 2012 after her 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Penny, was diagnosed with an autominue issue and desperately needed a blood transfusion to save her life. This traumatic event sparked a fire in Allana to reignite the Reiki training she learned in 2008 to help save her dogs life. Penny was a willing recipient of Reiki healing energy and recovered beautifully! She turned 15 on January 14, 2022 and is a healthy miracle...how awesome is that?