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Kindness as an expression of love

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

In 2012, I was optimistic and excited for the opportunity to open a small salon/healing studio in a very busy shopping center while also experiencing increased anxiety from anticipating the traffic I may be involved with while driving to this location, the increased amount of people I would be exposed to on a work day and the pressure to increase my client base to support the commitment of my new business. I knew I had to shift something or risk losing the joy, enthusiasm and passion I had for what I was creating.

One morning upon waking, as a solution to my growing dread, I was inspired to be kind, gentle and loving to myself and others, to deeply relax and to make a choice to let go of the anxious "what if" thoughts I was having so I could heal from these emotions and embody gratitude, kindness and love instead.

I started my kindness campaign with others by applying patience in my daily interactions and purposefully smiling and making eye contact with anyone who crossed my path. If they met my gaze, they could decide to accept the smile exchange or not. I found most people smiled back and that their body language changed when the connection was made. Even in silence, their eyes widened, they stood taller, opened up their chest and leaned in towards me. Sometimes words were exchanged but no words were necessary. This was the sweet spot of this act because I felt a spark of love there. I want to believe they felt it, too. Maybe a seed was planted within that connection, and in that moment they were able to open up to the possibilities of creating kindness and cultivating more love in their lives, moving forward.

I understand now how important that kindness campaign was for my personal and professional development. Not only did it allow me to shed the anxious emotions I was experiencing at the time, It gave me a window of clarity to be able to see and feel how purposeful acts of kindness, big or small, can ignite and cultivate love as a healer and liberator.

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