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Resources for Wolves and Land

Animal Medicine/Augury 

  • Book: Animal Speak - Ted Andrews

  • Book: Spirits of the Earth - Bobby Lake-Thom

  • Book: Think Indigenous, Native American Spirituality for a Modern World - Doug Good Feather

  • Book: Alternative Treatments for Animals, A Guide to Naturally Healing Cats, Dogs, Horses, and More for Owners and Caregivers

Wolf & Wildlife Advocates

  • Yellowstone National Park - Wolf management information - Doug Smith

  • Rick McIntyre - Wolf Advocate, Author: New Book: Thinking like a Wolf- lessons from the Yellowstone Packs

  • History of Yellowstone Wolves; YouTube

  • Wolves of the Rockies - Advocating for the protection and rights of Wolves 

  • Julie Argyle- Wildlife Photographer / Facebook- Wild Love Images - Julie Argyle #shootwithacamera / Book: Wolves, Western Warriors

  • Book: Wolf Connection- Teo Alfero

  • Book: American Wolf - Nate Blakeslee

  • Book: Of Wolves and Men- Barry Lopez

  • Book: Our wild calling- Richard Louv

  • Book: Making A Stand For Animals - Oscar Horta

Personal Development

  • Book: Women who run with the wolves- Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD

  • Book: Staring Down the Wolf - Mark Divine

  • Book: Cesar's Way, The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems (For You & Your Dog)

Animal Communication

  • Dr. Cara Gubbins


  • Wolf Education Exhibit - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, CA., September 2024 - March 2025 (touring US and Canada)


Shifting paradigms in Animal-Human relations

School of Environment & Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan

M.J. Barrett, PhD, Academic Lead & Avantika Mathur-Balendra, Symposium Coordinator 

Next symposium: April or May 2025

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