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Spiritual Ecology and Energy Healing

Allana Seely Foster

Copyright March 2020 - Presented at the Sanctuary in Tustin - healing event

Edited: November 3, 2023

Allana Intro - ​Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Medium, Salon Professional. Reiki brought it all together for me! Reiki is the bridge/glue for my intuitive skills to flourish.

I've been practicing Reiki since 2008 and have found it to be profound and life saving.​ My Intuition increased at lightning speed and as I began to flow more and more Reiki, I began to see patterns in the information all my senses were receiving from the energy field of the client or animal. I began to understand better how to help clients move, shift and heal pain and unwanted “baggage” from their energy field. Lighten the load!

What we’ll learn today - ​Understanding our Spiritual Ecology, our connectedness to nature/environment and how to heal energetically.

What is Spiritual Ecology? Mother Earth is a Living, sentient being! Just like you and me. She is ever changing, growing, dying, shifting, rejuvenating in the constant flux and flow of the seasons and the universal energies. We are connected to the natural world, we are of the Earth, so we are linked and share a ​Spiritual Ecology ​that directly affects one another.

Can you feel, hear, see and taste the Joy, gratitude, rebirth, celebration and the constant cycling that is Mother Earth?

What about the turmoil, panic, pain, fear, trauma and anguish of loss for a threatened ecology?

The Earth, like us, will continue to change and grow and has so many layers and layers of information that will unfold, over time, bearing the fruit of who we are and where we've been.

This awareness is our natural connection to our own Spiritual Ecology and to the Spiritual Ecology of our Planet and beyond.

We create an imprint,​ a footprint and a legacy on this earth and in our energy field. This footprint is our ancestors, our children, our stuff, our trash, our relationships, our thoughts, our contributions, our actions, intentions and how we view the world. We are responsible for our contribution to the Earth's Spiritual Ecology and for her healing as well as our own.

Ripple effect ​- cause and effect, how we connect with others and the planet with our thoughts, actions, decisions and intentions.

  • Shoreline impact - Environmental ecology example: cast a stone in a quiet body of water to create movement that affects the entire ecology of the body of water, shoreline and more.

  • What are you creating?

  • What is your ripple effect causing?

Everything is energy!​ ​Your body, your home, and all the stuff you call yours. Everything you have needs you to interact with it at some time; to tend to it and manage it.

Our Energy body ​- invisible network of energy within and surrounding us. We are psychic energy; information, thoughts, emotion, physical self, experiencing, noticing, perceiving, and interpreting this energy is the work of being psychic. All senses engaged!

How our Spiritual Ecology is created - Our Energy field is our intuitions house! Thoughts, emotions, trauma, happiness, feeling stuck, self sabotage, people, events, past lives, ancestral healing, become entrained into our being and become either helpful or harmful to us. This information is stored within each individual's Spiritual Ecology.

Major Energy Systems: Meridians​ - Transportation system of energy. Pathways that carry energy to the entire body. All our organs and every system is fed by at least one meridian. Energy pathways are created and connected through hundreds of tiny reservoirs of heat and electromagnetic energy that surface on the skin and are known as Acupuncture points. The flow is crucial for vitality and life. No energy, no life!

Chakras -​ 7 major ones, affecting corresponding organs and systems each one having its own concentrated power system within the system that are the windows, the truth holders, ​encyclopedias, recording memories, wounds, judgements, emotion, your soul’s longing, and what you've experienced that creates your Spiritual ecology. Power and energetic information creates an energy imprint. Life purpose, soul plan, divine gifts, work we do for our ancestors in this lifetime, DNA.

Aura -​ Multi-layered sphere of energy that emanates from our body that interacts with our environment. It is a bridge to other energies. It keeps us safe from harm, protecting our energetic and physical bodies and is an antinea for our intuition. It is constantly changing, carrying the color of the rainbow, shifting color mirroring your souls current ecology. Strands, ropes, “Celtic Weave” - surrounding and weaving around the body and chakras Shield, transmitter and receiver, repels negative and toxic energy.

Imprinted within our ecology​: Desires, creations, dreams, secrets. Memories, Trauma Happy & Significant experiences, Hopes, wishes fulfilled and unfulfilled

Beliefs​ - parents, environment, school, religion, government - country, politics

Metaphors and Symbolism​- helpful in identifying what's happening within our bodies Example: “Chains around my heart,” “Wall of protection”

Self Sabotage​ - How we stop ourselves - Fear Wolf (Shadow)

We consume these to attempt to soothe ​- ​Trauma coping activities! Things outside of us, Foods, toxins, alcohol, drugs, sex, adrenaline, excessive shopping and collecting stuff. Becoming dependent on someone else = giving away our power! What this can do to your ecology, positive and negative.

Spiritual Contracts​ - Created before we come into this lifetime (body). Soul Lessons we signed up for that challenge and stretch us.

Getting our needs met: THE 6 HUMAN NEEDS - Tony Robbins: 1. ​Certainty​: assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure 2. ​Uncertainty/Variety​: the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli 3. ​Significance​: feeling unique, important, special or needed 4. ​Connection/Love​: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something 5. ​Growth​: an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding 6. ​Contribution​: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others

How to heal?

Purposeful healing - not always comfortable or easy! We develop to our full human potential by stepping up - out of our known comfort and status quo.

Not all illnesses are unwanted. ​ Illness, pain and suffering serve us in ways we may never understand in this lifetime. Judging or feeling sorry for someone does not honor them or their souls path, that is none of our business and makes us feel bad. Why illness and pain? What does this serve? ● Protection / Safety

● Get what we need from others

● Serves a higher purpose

● Timing, when we “get it.” Each person on their own path

Can we remove the unwanted? YES!

  • Energy healing has the ability to identify imprints in the body and can be rebalanced to a healthy state as quickly as you discover it's unwanted and doesn't serve you anymore!

  • with self love and acceptance

  • with forgiveness of self and others

  • with boundaries - Who, what we invite in our ecology

  • practice shadow work -finding the gold! Honoring your feelings and emotions; positive and negative

  • Recognizing Patterns - ​Be mindful of your thoughts, words, intentions, actions and violations against people and the earth. Pay attention to your pain patterns, behavior patterns, and fear, then ask these questions: Is this thought, words, feeling, action nurturing and helpful or harmful to my spiritual growth? Who does this pain belong to? Who is it attached to? How does this serve me? Can I let this go? Am I safe?

How to heal yourself -

  • Breathing exercises - Stress reduction

  • Meditation Practice

  • Create a “Container of compassion” for yourself

  • Humor, imagination, “Lightness in the dark”

  • Be creative - Art! Music as healers

  • Spend time with Animals and children in Nature

  • Create a supportive work and home environment

  • Feed the Courage Wolf - Starve the Fear Wolf

Healing with a practitioner - EFT / Reiki / Acupuncture / Any energy healing method

Garden analogy:​ Tending​ to your garden! Relax, make it joyful and fun, not a chore! Enjoy the harvest and invite others to share with you. Plant the seeds, trim the unwanted with gratitude and reverence, pull the weeds and remember, not all weeds are bad!

Last Words/Conclusion ​-​ We can truly be influencers, change makers and caretakers for the planet by raising awareness taking responsibility for the health of our Spiritual Ecology.

Start with you and vibe out!!


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