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Reiki is a spiritual and energy healing practice that was discovered and originated in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. Reiki is Universal Life Force and pure healing love! It isn’t a religion but is a daily meditative practice that supports a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Reiki is channeled energy that is intelligent and knows where the recipient needs it most for balancing body, mind, and soul. All living things are infused with life force energy. Reiki enhances the flow of this energy. It is natural, powerful, simple and profound!

Reiki cannot harm or hurt you. It can only heal. The practitioner is a conduit for Reiki energy holding the flow for the receiver. The receiver allows this energy to flow through them by trusting the process, the practitioner, and themselves for taking personal responsibility for their own healing.

You would want to receive Reiki if you have a desire to deeply relax, resolve an issue, feel comforted, supported and experience healing love. Reiki helps release stuck energy, evokes change, releases old emotion and fear, addresses and relieves pain, anxiety or illness in your body and helps you create a more balanced life. Reiki has the power to heal deep seeded emotions, trauma, harmful beliefs and negative patterns that can cause dysfunction and illness in our bodies and lives. It can increase awareness and insight, channel wisdom and accelerate personal growth.

Reiki is a complementary treatment to your healthy lifestyle! During a session, you will be comfortably dressed with your shoes off, lying on my comfy, heated massage table or an anti-gravity chair. Soft music is playing in the background to help you get into a relaxed state. I create a safe, sacred space for your healing session that allows the natural process to unfold with love and compassion.

My sessions include hands on and hands off treatment. Starting at your head, I go through a series of hand positions to cover all the major chakras and corresponding internal organs. Being an intuitive and healing channel, I translate all information that comes through me to you during the session for your highest healing.

Each session is unique to each recipient. A session duration is approximately 45-60 minutes and may require mutual sessions for optimal results. Remember, distance sessions are just as powerful as in person sessions!

*Animals are welcome in person for sessions, or can be treated in their own environment, or wherever they are most comfortable.

Animals may require less time for treatment because they are already familiar with life force energy and they lead the session!

BENEFITS AND POSSIBLE REACTIONS DURING A REIKI HEALING SESSION SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF REIKI: ● Deep Relaxation - this is how your body repairs and recovers from daily life!

● Relieves anxiety and stress

● Healing old emotional trauma

● Healing body pain

● Clearing old thought patterns

● Better sleep

● Better clarity and focus

● Peace of mind, body and soul!


● Sensations of heat

● Sensations of cold

● See colors

● Receive information / ideas

● Past life flashes

● Involuntary movements

● Fall asleep

● Itchiness

● Emotional responses

● Rumbling stomach

● Memory Flashes

● Pins and needles- tingly feeling

● Sense the presence of Animals, Angels or your Ancestors.

● Sense your connection to your team of Spirit helpers and protectors.

These benefits and reactions can occur during the session and up to 21 days. Reiki is intelligent and knows where you need the most healing.

Remember to be kind and loving to yourself during this time!


TIP: Recording your session and keeping an evidence journal during the 21 days after you receive Reiki can enhance and expand the depth of your healing!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns about your session. I’m honored to serve you on your healing journey....Aho!

2017-2022 Allana Seely Foster @Intuitive Heart Studio

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